Hight Street vs High End.

The Revolution liquid highlighters come in 18ml bottles and are £6 each in Superdrug while the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops come in 15ml bottles and sell for £34! So more money for less product!!!

I got a Cover FX gift set for Christmas which included 4 shades of the drops in 4.5ml bottles so I thought i’d compare the two very similar products and see if paying nearly 6 times the price of a Revolution highlighter is really worth it.

On the left are the Revolution highlighters which I bought in shades ‘UNICORN ELIXIR’ (far left) and ‘LIQUID LUSTRE GOLD’.

On the right are two of the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in shades ‘CELESTIAL’ (left) and ‘HALO’ (right).

The Cover FX drops definitely dry faster but thats not necessarily a positive with a highlighter as you need time to blend it out.

The Revolution highlight ‘LIQUID LUSTRE GOLD’ is very pigmented and shimmery and looks almost identical to the finish of the Cover FX drops.

The Revolution highlight ‘UNICORN ELIXIR’ isn’t as pigmented as the three other swatches but it has a much more shimmery glittery finish than Cover FX’s ‘HALO’ which is more matte and looks a bit bland (not what you want from a highlight). I actually prefer the Revoloution shade

I still LOVE the Cover FX shade ‘CELESTIAL’ but the Revolution Highlighters have an almost identical finish and are actually slightly more shimmery! Considering you can buy nearly 6 Revolution highlighters for the price of one bottle of the Cover FX hightlight it’s definitely not worth it!

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Kirsten xx


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